Welcome to the DragonForce 65 U.S. Class Owners Association website!

This site is your online portal to all things DragonForce 65  in the USA!

We have an update on the availability of boats from Chuck at Dragon Sailing North America. Boats will be available soon for pre-orders and within a couple of months the normal level of in-stock boats will be restored. The great level of parts is being maintained.

We’re happy to announce that the Orange County MSC in Irvine CA will be hosting the 2024 NCR on September 28/29. The Event will soon be posted on the AMYA website.

 The Class Rules are continuing to be studied by the International rules group and the the current rules are Version 1.8.4 as shown on our website.

Click the International Class Association link for current information about our membership

Congratulations to Barr Batzer for winning the 2023 DF65 NCR. 

Steve was followed by Bruce Farr in Second and John Mowrey in Third Calvin Obara in Forth and Martin Gray in Fifth.

Many thanks to the great crew at Sun Coast Model Sailing Club for holding a great regatta.

Please go to the Regatta Schedule Page for Regional and other Major Events 

The Club List has been updated. Please let us know if your club needs to be added or if the info is incorrect.

We recently have added two interesting pages to the website. The DragonForce history of development and a great tuning video was added to the Tuning and Building Guides and Tips.

The DF65 is the fastest growing RC class in the world with over 30,000 sold to date. The USCOA has over 1600 boats registered with the class and about 360 boats AMYA registered and fleets have formed at over 120 clubs around the U.S..

The DragonForce65 excels in a large range of wind conditions and with optional class-legal smaller rigs it can handle about any conditions you can throw at it. As a Restricted One-Design boat, skippers will be putting their sailing skills to the test not their wallet.

Sailing your DragonForce promises close and exciting racing in an affordable and easily maintained design. Parts and boats are widely available and whether you are sailing on your own, with a group of friends or trying to help your club grow and flourish with a new class, the DF65 is a great choice!

The DF65 is also a class legal boat in the RG65 class  but a reminder that if your boat is registered in the RG65 Class but not the DF65 USCOA it is not eligible to participate in DF65 regattas.