This page lists the names of USCOA Members and the numbers assigned to their boats. This is helpful for people looking to register new boats to see available numbers and for people to help find boats in their area. The list is updated every month .

  The PDF file below is the current Sail Number List as of 07/14/24 Please click the link to open the list.

Please remember that the class rules allow display of either two or three digits of your sail number. We are growing fast so four digit numbers may be allocated but only the last 2 or 3 digits are displayed. The digits on both sails should be the same and if you use multiple sail sizes the number shall be the same.. The proper placement of the numbers are located in the class rules section on this website and below. In most cases we recommend using the last 2 digits leaving room to add a third digit in front of the two displayed if necessary. The specific rules are in paragraph H.9 of the Class Rules. If you need vinyl numbers for your sails there are vendors listed under the Resources tab. The files below show placement of the numbers per the Class Rules and a number template that can be used to ink on numbers to your sails.

DF65 BoatList 071424

Sail#Temp v1.8

The Sail#Temp v1.8 may be opened and printed so you may use a marker to place sail numbers on your sails. Note the numbers are slightly larger than the minimum size in the Class Rules to help compensate for printers that tend to print a bit smaller than others.