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Tuning Tips

The following link is a very nice video on tuning the DF65. Make by Patrick Rynne of the Miami RC Sailing Squadron it will be a big help to all DF65 skippers.

Here is a PDF created by Zach Kelchner to summarize the video above:



Tuning Your DragonForce 65 – DF65 Sail Tuning Guide by Soch Sails with measurements and procedure for getting your DF65 going fast!


Next is a very handy printable Tuning Guide provided by Phil Burgess the President of the Australia DF Radio Sailing Assn.

          DF65 Tuning Guide


Sail Making

The files that follow are PDF’s of DF65 A, A+, B, C sails that can be printed full size. The drawings are made from data in the Class Rules and Mainsail Luff Curve reflects measurements from production sails.
DF65A+ Templ
DF65A Templ 
DF65 B Templ
DF65 C Templ

Class Rules Sail Numbering Diagram PDF below

Sail Number Diagram
If you need the proper sized numbers for putting numbers on your sails per the above diagram, the PDF below prints out accurately on most printers to comply with the Rules v1.8

Sail#Temp v1.8


Assembly Guides

DF65 v6 Rigging Instructions v1.

Chucks_DF65 A+ Assembly Guide_Rev_1

DF65 Rig Kit Assembly Guide – Nice instructions  DF65 Rig Building Guide, bought a B or C rig and need some helpful tips on building it up correctly, then look no further


Other Useful Hints and Tips