This page offers the requirements to hold Class National Championship,  Regional Championship or Annual (Green Chevron) Regattas for those who are either holding or are considering holding one of these events.

1. Boat Eligibility – All boats must be registered with the DF65 USCOA (boats only registered as RG65’s are not eligible to race) and be current members in the AMYA. Race organizers should check registrations against the Class List. Contact the Class Secretary if there are any eligibility issues.

2. Notice of Race (NOR) & Sailing Instructions (S.I.) – Formats and downloadable files for the NOR and S.I. are available on the AMYA website

3. Class Rules – The DF65 Class Rules must be a part of the regatta documents and adherence to the rules at the regatta are necessary. Amendments to the Class Rules are not permitted in NCR, Regional or Green Chevron events.

4. Financial Support – The DF65 USCOA will contribute $100 to the club holding the NCR and $40 to clubs holding Regional Regattas. To receive this contribution the clubs must agree to use those funds to go toward Trophies and or  participation rewards for skippers who attend the regatta. Additionally, the AMYA offers Regatta Subsidies to clubs that complete AMYA requirements that are posted on the AMYA website under Regattas – Regatta Subsidies.